50 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Chances As A Startup Musician

Musician or let me say startup musician face a lot of challenges in pursuit of their dreams.

This includes lack of money to record their songs,acceptance by the public,and so forth. Something that makes some of them to give up in spite of their potential.

In this article I have compiled fifty things you can do to boost your chances as a startup musician in an industry that is competitive and keeps on changing with every passing day. I hope you gain something out of it.
1. Consistency
Recording one song is not enough. You ought to add another and another to establish your name in the industry. Whether they become hits or not. The problem with a majority of musicians,especially starters is they record one song and disappear. Worse if it become a hit.

2.Connect with other musicians.
No one is an island. We need another for one reason or another. I know this may be difficult if you’re new in the game with no established networks. But it can pay in the long run if you give it the seriousness it deserves. However this relation ought to be mutual and reciprocal.Whereby you both benefit or it would be a waste of time.

3.Work for your success.
Music just like business is not for lazy. If you want to go far you need to toil. Taking drugs or sleeping around in return for favors won’t help you. It will only destroy you and there are many examples locally and internationally I can give to that effect. Starting with our own Kenyan Jimwat of Under 18 fame,Ugandan Jackline Chandiru of Goldigger fame and Tanzanian Ray C of Milele fame. Who were forced into rehabilitation centres for abusing drugs.Others have faced worst tragedies that had also affected their families. Like Whitney Houston who died of drug abuse soon to be followed by her one and only daughter Bobby Kristina of the same.

Apart from musician,you can be a producer. Though this may require some training.

Whatever proceeds you get from your music invest and that by hiring a financial manager. There are a lot of musicians who got alot of money from their music but wasted it in pleasure and other destructive things. In the end had become dependent on society for their survival.

6.Be resourceful
Let your music contribute to development of people. Personally I am uncomfortable with musicians who only sing about alcohol, partying ,love and so forth. Despite of making alot of money and enjoying a huge following. Like Diamond Platinumz of Tanzania and Davido of Nigeria. Believe me or not such characters won’t last long like their counterparts who sing about real issues affecting their people. Like John Legend of United States and Nyota Ndogo of Kenya.

7.Do solo projects
Though research has shown that solo artists die early due to stress and fatigue as compared to those in group. It is the best if you want to build your career as a musician and there are many examples I can cite to prove my case. Cindy Sanyu, Lilian Mbabazi and Jackline Chandiru of Uganda and former members of Blue 3. Who have made names as solo artists after break up of their group. Same with Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rolland and Brandy former members of Destiny Child. Groups are synonymous with confusion,rivalry,infighting that at times has turned tragic like the case of Obsession a musical group from Uganda where one of them is said to have killed the other over man.

8.Do collaboration with other musicians
It boost your reach. Though it should come later in your career after establishing yourself.

9.Quality content
Your content should add value

10.Quality production
Get a producer who knows his or her work if you want quality work though it may be expensive.

11. Be Original
Don’t copy what others are doing. Whether style of music,dressing or voice even if they are your idols. Do your thing to your best and let the world decide

12. Do research.
Before you write a song research. Before you approach a studio to record a song research. Before you sign any deal with your manager or recording label research.This is for your own safety and ensuring your rights are protected. It would be suicidal to record a song with a studio that cannot bring the best out of you.

13. Read
Read books,magazines and newspapers for information and exposure. It would also boost on the quality of your thoughts,ideas and content.

14. Write your own lyrics.
A true musician writes her own songs.

15. Share your music
After recording share your music on social sites: twitter,Facebook,YouTube,Sportify etc

16. Be aggressive
Get out of your comfort zone and spread your music.

17.Promote your music.
You should be in forefront in promoting your music. On and offline. Whether you have a manager or not.

18.Have goals
Don’t pursue music blindly. Have targets.

19. Have a work plan
Have a laid out path on how to push your music.

20.Get a manager
You cannot do everything on yourself. You need a helping hand. Hire a manager who would help you get shows,market your music etc.

21. Attend functions
Concerts,shows and music extravaganzas in your locality could be a best place to meet and interact with other musicians.

22. Invest in your music

23.Have your own record label.
Though expensive it can boost your career a lot.

24.Have organization

25.Be disciplined

26.Be unique
You may do same things but in a different way.

27. Be creative

28. Do it as a business

29. Seek assistance
Where you don’t know seek help.

30. Familiarize yourself with technology
You must have knowledge of technology and its application in your music.

31. Image is important
How you potray yourself is important. Avoid scandals or controversies that adds no value to your music. Like fighting with other musicians,posting nude photos on internet etc.

32. Be opportunistic
Always look for opportunities to improve your trade.

33. Find mentors
Get people to help you grow especially those with experience in the industry. It could be your fellow musicians,producers etc.

34. Be open to ideas

35. Don’t take things personal
Criticism is always there.

36. Connect with your audience
Just singing on stage is not enough.

37. Experiment with different genres
Singing one style of music can be boring to your fans at times. Try to learn others for variety.

38.Have an exit plan.
Definitely you won’t sing forever. One day you may get old. What would you leave behind?

39. Familiarize yourself with the industry
Beforehand knowledge about the field could be an added advantage.

40. Be curious .
Always be keen know what is happening around as it may provide inspiration to your music.

41. Good dietary
Eat balanced diet for health

Stay fit.

44. Respect others and their works.

45. Be adaptive to change

46. Know your audience and their needs.

47. Be yourself.
Stand out from the crowd. Don’t be part of the group.

48. Always improve on your skills
To stay competitive and relevant.

49. Get your priorities right from the beginning
Know what you want before even you begin and how to achieve it.

50.Learn marketing.
For growth and expansion.
If you know of any other way i will appreciate to know.

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