Why Individual Development is Important Especially Mental

Individual development is judged by many things. But there is one that stands among, if not above the rest and this is character. Mental, especially. In group and person alike.

That’s his thoughts on issues, visions of life and relation with people.

Though he is also judged by his physical character. Organization, body language and reaction to situations.

It is his mental character that defines who he really is. In fact physical character is only an extension of his mental character.

Meaning if he is violent outside it is probably what his mind is inside.

Same when he is lazy.

Though the former may also be due to external pressures and therefore with nothing to do with him or his character:mental, that’s. An example is a victim of rape who decide to avenge her aggressors. Though she may be a cool lady who probably won’t even hurt a fly. What happens to her turns her suddenly into a brute who would not stop at anything to have her mission accomplished even if it took her life or lives of other innocent people.

Sadly a majority of people never bother themselves with character development, especially mental. Both men and women. Despite of the benefits. Short and long term.

While this may not be their making, rather cultures they come from. Civilized and primitive alike. It doesn’t reduce its importance and probably it would never in future.

This is the sixth article and the last in series of articles I have been writing in a month or so on how to foster innovation.

If you have a question, comment or suggestion feel free and if you have been inspired in any way please share the experience.

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