We Need Good Systems

Good systems should be part of our campaign to promote our country Kenya as a business hub, island of peace and tourist destination. Locally and internationally. Be it economic, legal or social.

Good here meaning just, independent and trustworthy. As well as creative. Both in thoughts and judgement.

They should be the threshold upon which we base our success as a country. Development,wealth distribution, rights enjoyment etc.

With information as the driving force.

Otherwise we would be cheating ourselves thinking we can change the world as well win her trust. On assumptions and hearsays.

Right now there is anger from a section of Kenyans. Who feel their rights have been robbed for a longtime and therefore want justice. Men and women alike. Whichever the way.

That there has been even speculations of revolution bringing the current regime headed by His Excellence Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to an end and putting in place another one . That would answer to the needs of the people(majority.) Material and social. As well as restoring image of the nation in the eyes of the world. Whatever that means.

Such feeling stemming from mistrust that has characterized our politics for years now. Is affecting even our private life and relations with others. At home, place of work, school, and so forth.

With emotions flying high. Creating fears of violence erupting in the country resulting to deaths and property destruction. Like what happened in 2007 right after announcement of election results. Where the opposition led by Raila Odinga disputed the victory of the incumbent, Mwai Kibaki.

But also suppressed desires by canal systems: economic, social and material. Making life unbearable for individuals who are never given opportunity to choose what’s best for them. Rather to accept what is given to them by society even if it is poison.

Therefore leaving them with no option, other than rebellion. For no man is born a slave of the other and none can make him one. Society or his fellow men. Many have tried but have ended up with egg on the face. At worse going in exile if they were lucky not to be lynched by the masses. In assertion of their dignity and them authority over them. Mobutu , Gaddafi, Amin to mention a few.

I am afraid to say that is the fate awaiting NaSa leader Raila Odinga and his Jubilee counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta.

That’s if the current stalemate continues for one year or more, unresolved.

But ‘who cares whether they live or die in exile’ should there be such a thing? I mean the two principles Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta?

In fact as part of solution the two should’ step aside for new blood’ to take over leadership of our country. With or without elections.

But who of the two is ready to do that? None of course. Or their followers to support other people for presidency beside them or those they front? In dream perhaps.

So prejudiced are our leaders and their supporters to guide the country in finding herself. Regime change or no regime change.

This is the fifth article in series of articles I would be producing in a month or so on how to foster innovation.

If you have a question, comment or suggestion feel free and if you have been inspired in any way please share the experience.

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