How Publishing Can Inspire Change

Publishing is one sector that cannot be ignored when it comes to shaping culture of a nation.

That’s thoughts, behavior as well as vision. Both moral and intellectual.

Whether online or mainstream.

Just in case I forget, I would like to inform my readers that I would be launching a magazine in few months time covering innovation and startups in tech and arts offering tips on how to grow networks, build brands and raise capital. On and offline:an extension of what I do on my blog(The Young Makers Lab) you’re reading now as well as a television channel still on the same.

Though this would come later in the year.

The idea is to reach as many people as possible by utilizing every medium available. Print, electronic etc.

I hope you’ll welcome them with enthusiasm as you have done with the blog.

Let’s now get back to business.

As I have said in the beginning of this article. Publishing is one of the sectors that cannot be ignored when it comes to shaping culture of a nation. Thoughts, behavior as well as vision. Both moral and intellectual.

Whether online or mainstream.

As a fact the world would not exist without this important industry. With her insights as well as ideas that have given it meaning and life.

Though this has come at a cost. Both money and lives. With people harassed and others killed. Among them,writers and journalists. Home and abroad.

In my own country Kenya for instance, publishing as a sector,though important in development of a nation and its people. Economic as well as material. She is not as ‘creative’ as say fashion or music industry. Which in spite of challenges, have built themselves and are still growing stronger by day creating jobs for hundreds, if not millions of Kenyans. Both male and female.

Which has robbed the industry opportunity to grow as well as revenue. From sales which are always dropping. Despite of her potential.


Though online is not fairing better either. With junk passed on as art and hate as journalism. Pride having taken over reason that the only thing people care of is themselves. Young and old alike.

Such times can be challenging as well as an opportunity for a sector like publishing. Which traditionally has been a custodian of virtue to shine if she got her priorities right. Liberal and conservative alike.

Having said that, let’s now look on how she can wriggle her way through. All factors considered.

As a leader, there are qualities which she definitely has to possess that would win her confidence and trust of the public. Or whoever her target would be.

One of them is vision. Clear vision, that’s. Of what she intends to achieve and how to achieve it. With minimal costs.

For none wants costly deals even if their benefits are high.

Two is care.
She must be interested in what she is doing for public or individuals to care. Otherwise it would be difficult to convince them if she herself is indifferent.

This two determines how far she would go and how much she would achieve. In short and longterm.

This is the third article in series of articles I would be producing in a month or so on how to foster innovation.

If you have a comment, question or suggestion feel free and if you have been inspired in anyway share the experience.

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