How Research Can Boost Relations

Research is one of the driving engines of development today. Both literal and scientific.

With a lot of benefits. Both social and economic. Though costly.

But what is that one good thing that has ever been attained cheaply? Be it education or freedom? None of course!

For everything has a price and the one who is willing to pay the highest price is the one who enjoys the most. Though sometimes it is the opposite.

But all the same sacrifices have to be made at one time or another for life to be enjoyable. Otherwise it would be a struggle with implications. Health and social.

A good example is citizens in developing country like Kenya as compared to their counterparts in developed country like Britain. Or United States in that matter. In as much as they try to connect. Courtesy of science and technology.Their lives are far apart. With one side swimming in opulence. While the other languishing in poverty. Not because one side is diligent and the other is lazy.

In fact according to statistics a majority of citizens in developing countries work more than their counterparts in developed countries. Whether in fields or homes. Therefore if it was working then they would be the richest in the world. But instead they are the poorest in the world with some of them unable even to afford a meal a day.

Rather it is because of interests of their governments,national governments in particular. Which I bet are responsible for regulation as well as implementation of policies that guides the public on the way forward. Be it in spiritual or social matters.

For whilst in Britain the interest of the government maybe to serve its people. Elections or no elections. With resources put aside towards those ends. Finances, time, intelligence etc. In Kenya it maybe to cling to power. Also with resources put aside towards those ends. Finances, time, intelligence etc.

And yet still expect different results, other than strife?

Or let’s use another example that’s more easier to understand or so. For politics is quite a difficult subject I know for a majority of people even the learned. Who in our small thinking ought to know more than the rest of us who were not privileged perhaps to have much learning as them.

Though we maybe gifted in other fields that they too have no knowledge of. Singing, weaving, poetry, and so forth.

A child from wealthy family like Kenyatta or Odinga’s. Our President and former Prime Minister consecutively. Whose life is surrounded with comfort of all kind. While another from poor family like ‘mine and yours.’ Whose life is marked with anxieties of all kind. Young as they maybe, their perception of the world is different as well as interests partly influenced by their backgrounds. Which worsens as they grow up. Creating a wall between them that they cannot ‘share anything’. Space, material gifts, etc.

Whether in group or independently no matter how edifying it may be to their lives. Private and public.

From an ordinary citizen point of view such a thing is normal and therefore cannot surprise him. For it is the world we live in or so whereby selfishness has taken over people’s minds that they no longer see each other as brothers, with common needs and destiny. Rather enemies and therefore would avoid them.

But is that the kind of life we would want to live? A life where we hate our neighbors simply because they are not of our blood? A life where our children cannot play together without fighting or throwing jibes at one another?

Definitely not. We deserve better life than that. Where we live in harmony with our neighbors. In spite of our differences. Where our children love and act as one another’s keeper. In word and spirit.

For it’s only through that that we can maintain cohesion as well as unity as a nation. Which are essential for our development, social that’s.

However when it comes to spiritual development, we may need more than cohesion or unity of persons. In fact we may need to disrupt once in a while the’ peace and harmony’ we enjoy as a nation. For something bigger and better that will add value as well as transform our lives. Nobles and commoners alike i.e replacing propaganda as a tool of governance with research. In theory and practice.

This is the fourth article in series of articles I would be producing in a month or so on how to foster innovation.

If you have a comment,question or suggestion feel free and if you have been inspired in any way share the experience.

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