Work Ethics That Can Fire Innovation

Work is not something a majority of us would be enthusiastic about. Whether paid or voluntary.

But it is also something we cannot do without. Liberals and conservatives alike.

As a result we grudgingly take it.

But have we ever wondered what it would be like if we took work as a lifestyle. Rather than a punishment?

I am talking about work in general. In office, farm, institution . Both skilled and unskilled. That we do for love of it and not necessarily for gain of something. Whether money or favor.

Which coincidentally stands on the top of our list.

That’s work ethics that can fire innovation in our institutions. Hard as it maybe to work without expecting anything in return for we have needs and desires. Making it our ultimate goal denigrates the whole meaning of work. Which is to make life enjoyable.

This however doesn’t mean we give our services for free for demanding payment undermines the main idea of work:enjoyment. Rather we find a way to make it more exciting. If not satisfying to work even for nothing. Individuals and public alike.

For example, instead of a day. We pay persons in hours .Both cash and cheque.

Though this maybe a challenge for an economy like Kenya that is still growing. But this doesn’t mean it cannot be achieved. What we just need is a plan and a good plan for that matter. With a back up in case it backfires.

Though I don’t expect that to happen if we do our homework properly. Individuals and State alike.

2.Work as game,not a war.
Whether constructing a house or writing a book. We should take it as a game whereby competing sides shakes hands at the end of the day. Whatever the outcome. Not a war whereby they avoid each other like a plague.

For this would take the fun out of it.

3. Work as a tool,not a rule.
Get me right. I am not advocating for people to lazy around and not to work. Whether in field or office. For this would bring our economy down. Rather to set goals they intend to achieve by working. Both short and longterm. As well as roll out a plan on how to achieve them. Both independently and in group.

4.Lastly, work as a relief,not a burden.
A simple survey of working habits of Kenyans. Both in private and public sector. Would show you that a majority of them go to work because they have no alternative, because they’re bored at home and therefore want company, because of pay cheque, because they have dependants, because they want to pay their bills, because nature demands that they work,and so forth.

Not because they love it, unfortunately. Reasons ranging from upbringing to guilt partly brought about by failed egos. Where perhaps what they got in life is not what they wanted. Men and women alike.

So they live in denial hating themselves and others . Who seems to be living their dreams or fairing better in life than them. Colleagues and bosses alike. That they will not delay to harm them if given a chance. Personally or in group.

The public is not spared either. They hold her with contempt. They are not keen in their service to her. Which they see as a favor they are doing her. Rather than her right. They loathe the fact that it is her who carries the day. Not them. When it comes to decision making. So they frustrate her,fight her,rob her just to feed their egos. In disregard to consequences.

That’s the sorry state of our nation. But the true picture of what’s on the ground. Whether we like it or not.

However all is not lost. We can still do better for ourselves if we want to. Both individuals and nation.

We can still change our state of affairs if we think big and dream again. For what we lack here are ideas and willing heart.

However this can only happen if our whole concept of work is reframed. Both sound and meaning.

Otherwise our efforts to turn Kenya into an innovation hub would be in vain.

This is my second article in series of articles I would be producing in a month or so on how to foster innovation.

If you have a comment,question or suggestion feel free and if you have been inspired in anyway share the experience.

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