Blogging Should Not Be an Excuse For Lawlessness

Blogging is about expressing oneself. However standards have to be maintained. For Anne Wangechi objectivity and integrity top her list.
Tell us about yourself
My name is Anne Wangechi and I am a writer by profession.

What type of writing do you do?-Freelance article writing which brings bread on my table as well as paying my bills. I also write for when I have time.

I understand you’re a blogger,what is it in simple language?

To me, blogging is simply being able to express your ideas, thoughts and experiences on the internet. And the fun of it all is that you publish yourself on your personal site and share it with the world.

When did you begin blogging?

I started in 2015 and I am loving it.

What inspired you into blogging?
I began as part of a class assignment in the school of journalism and since then, it keeps getting better.

What do you blog about?
Nature, complicated love and relationships in general.

What informed your choice of topics?
I find a lot of fun in writing about romance and I feel it’s a major area affecting young people. Even my creative pieces are borrowed from real life experiences that I have seen people go through.

Do you do it as a hobby or career?

It’s purely out passion, so it’s more of a hobby than a career.

Is there money in blogging?
There is money although I have not monetized my blog yet.

What is your site name?
Creative Minds. Here is the link;

What does one need to begin blogging?
Ooh it’s very easy. All you need to do is create a blog with your phone or desktop and you are good to start sharing anything with the world.

Where do you think Kenyan bloggers have failed?
I am so disappointed by bloggers who pick personal attacks and use it to attract traffic. There are better things to write about than tarnishing people’s images for the sake of money.

How can they improve?

They better focus on writing about informative and helpful pieces.

What skills does one need to be a blogger?
You need to have passion for it for without passion, nothing will be achieved.

Which blogger in Kenya do you admire?
I look up to Njoki Chege and I really adore her guts and strength. I think she is awesome.

Which are some of the misconceptions about bloggers and blogging held by public which you feel need to change?
That bloggers are always looking for negative instances and hardly publish anything positive.

How do you earn as a blogger?

As earlier explained, my blog is not monetized. But in future I plan to earn through it.

What challenges have you faced so far as a blogger?
Sometimes you will publish something and it may not attract as much readership as you expected. So, you have to keep on improving your skill and producing better quality.

What defines a blogger in your words?
A blogger is one who is able to boldly express their views and share them to the world without fear of contradiction.

Is there a future for bloggers in Kenya?

A very bright one.

Bloggers in Kenya have been accused of spreading hate and subversive activities to the detriment of nation. What is your take on that?
Sadly, it is true that some bloggers use their platform to do so. I feel that every blogger should take the responsibility of bringing Kenyans together instead of dividing them.

What are the roles of bloggers in Kenya?

Every blogger has the role to inform the public in the right manner without propagating negative ethnicity.

What standards guide you as a blogger?

Objectivity and integrity. I strive to ensure that whatever I publish is as objective as possible and that it does not in any way go against the journalistic code of conduct and ethics.

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