Nurture, Communication, Education And Infrastructure Development Is The Key To Evolution Of Football In Kenya

Football to many is a leisure activity. But to Vincent Wanyoike is a way of life. On saturday this weekend I interacted with him in one of his training sessions in Nakeel Rongai and this is what he said.
Describe yourself?

I am Vincent Wanyoike,coach,footballer.
How old are you?
I am seventeen.
What is your base?

Are you still in school?
I am looking forward to join university in january for my Bachelor Degree in Mass Media.
Do you have a club?
Yes. Rongai All Stars FC.
When did you join the club?
2011 as a player in junior team.
Which position do you play in the team? Striker or midfielder?
Where do you train?
Nakeel and ole Kasasi.
Who is your model?
Why football?
It is my way of life.
Do you see future in it or it is just a pastime activity?

Yes. If it is given seriousness it deserves.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
Playing in Kenya Premier League or abroad.
What is your view of local football?
Under-funded,lacks professionalism. People take it as a pastime actvity. While in outside is taken as a career. This has to change.
What do you suggest to improve?
Build facilities i.e stadiums. For there are many youths in the country with talent in football but they lack avenues for expression. Atleast one stadium in every county can help alot.
Have you participated in any league?
Yes. Sportpesa Super Eight.
A majority of locals seems to love foreign football than local. What do you think may be the reason?
What can be done to change the situation?
Education.People should be taught to value and promote their own right from kindergarten.
You also do coaching?
Yes. For kids under thirteen.
How many kids do you have so far in your care?
Twenty five.
What do you intend to achieve by training them?
I want to enable them explore their talents for self-good and community at large.
How has the community responded so far?
In the beginning it was difficult but as time went by that has changed.

Do you charge a fee for your services?
No. I do it out of love.
Do you have sponsors?
Not yet.
What challenges have you faced so far?
Lack of equipment i.e balls,jerseys e.t.c.
Has your family been supportive?
How do get your message outside there about what you do?
I talk to people,through the kids themselves that I train as well as through our facebook fanpage Rongai All Stars.
How can you be reached individually?
Finally what do you tell youths outside there with dreams like yours?

Never give up. Work hard. Put God first.
Wish you all the best.
You too.

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